Drug Addiction among Youth

Drug Addiction:

Drug addiction is psychiatric, psychological and social problem affecting the use of the country. It ruins the individual and the society in manifold ways- socially, physically, culturally, emotionally and economically. Acting on the brain, the drugs spawns a wide range of disorders like fear, anxity and a sense of insecurity in the human mind.
Drug Addiction among Youth
There are certain drugs like nicotine, cocaine and caffeine that stimulate the brain and The Nervous System resulting in increased alertness and response. Addiction to such drugs causes a severe loss of appetite and weight, constipation increased anxity and irritability, sleeplessness and gradual impairment of intellectual functioning there are sedative drugs like opium, morphine, heroine, codeine that slows down the activities of individuals and make the brain and nervous system dull. Consequently, causes pain relievers and sleep inducer and may be classified as narcotics and hypnotic. The hypnotic drugs include barbiturates. Causes loss of appetite and weight constipation, lack of sexual Desire and declining interest in Social ability. Barbiturates and other Hypnotic drugs the brain, therefore triggering intellectual impairment and motor malfunctioning. The sudden withdrawal like restlessness, nervousness excessive perspiration, nausea, headache and painful muscular cramps. Withdrawal of hypnotic drug might lead to epileptic seizures and delirium.
Such dangerous situations as marked confusion, distortion in thoughts process; illusion and certain mind blowing drugs cause hallucinations. The victims perfumes that his efficiency has increased where as the hard fact is that the addicts intellectual and motor functioning has really been impaired. the false sense of all is well could set an instance of rash driving and many forms of socially unacceptable behaviour. Saturn addicts go in for intravenous injections of Methamphetamine that can affect both brain and the heart.
Drugs can reduce cognitive operations, making it difficult to the youth to develop a functional set of values and ideals. Reduced cognitive efficiency lead to poor academic performance and decline in self esteem, contributing to disturbance in personality growth.
When a man starts drug addiction, he become addicted to it forever and goes on increasing its doors. In the first phase of drug addiction his brain cells become irritated and his faculties of relationality that is judgement, observation and attention get blunted and he becomes the victim of subclinical stage. In the 2nd phase the addict feels as if he is not aware of his own self and such a pcyclic 3rd phase, as the victim increases the Dodges and frequency, he loses his physical balance and muscular coordination. The attic is now a Prisoner of confusion and is fast digging his own grave. Drug addiction distorts family tees and causes family this organisation, creating marital discord, divorce and the socialization failure of children. It also settles the codes of normal values, which create a value stock. In due course the addict gets alienated from the mainstream of family, neighborhood and Society.

Initially it may be for just one or kicks or some amazing mystic experiences. Some take drugs just to seek company or Break boredom. Some take drugs because of the urge to show off. Stress is an all consuming fire of the modern competitive world and not many are out of mould that can cope with one crisis after other. They let of the steam through  smoking and lick liquor; the spiritually minded read scriptures, go to temple or two take to meditation for prayers to tackle the daily stress and strains of life. And those who do not belong to any of these categories take shelter in the world of drugs. The highly competitive and success oriented style of living creates many problems for a large number of young people. There are others who use drugs to free themselves from their inhibition and some turns to drug because of the stab of guilt, shame, gnawing anxity or disappointment in life. For most of them drugs is only safety valve. Another reason for increase in drug addiction is there easy availability. The government could do well in regulating the sale of such drugs.
There is definitely a solution to curb  such a serious problem, which has engulfed the youth of today. If the families affected, the community, social workers, NGO, the media and the government Agencies work in tandem and in a complementary role, with the addicts co-operating with them, there is hope for lakhs of youth gone astray. They could turn over a New Leaf in their benighted life. They could see light at the end of the tunnel and rejoin the mainstream of society with the renewed hope and enthusiasm.
10 years ago a survey revealed that there were around 7 lakh drug addicts in the country, with more than 8 lakh in the metros of Mumbai, delhi and Pune alone. Now the figures must be very high. Studies conducted everywhere underline the indisputable fact that the roots of deviation and delinquency can be traced to such phenomena as broken homes, unemployment, alcoholism of the father, the gross neglect of children at the hands of parents and their slow and steady alienation from parents and members of the society. Many of the youngsters are not gutsy and strong willed enough to brave that choppy waters of today’s tempestuous life and they try to run away from themselves by smoking and taking Other Drugs. No man is an island and everyone Per see is victim of social circumstances. So let’s start the Reform from the home, the family, the school the college and the neighbourhood. The parents should take care of their children sparing more time for them and spending more time with them. The child craves homeo care and love from modern day parents who are neck deep in their own Patti ambition of making more and more money for their children and who can spend very little of their time can hardly Re Council to the fact that their loved ones can ever willy-nilly drift into addiction. The concept of nuclear family has added to this malaise. And by the time, the parents realise their Folly, it might be too late.
At the others extreme, to the poor surviving in the festering slums in our big cities, there is hardly any way to look forward to on the Horizon. The call of peddler and pusher of drugs shows away out of despair, temporary though. It is estimated that and overwhelming majority of smack users in the Mega City of Mumbai and Delhi belong to the underprivileged section of the society. When drug abuses  widespreads both among the richer and poor state of society, it is all the more imperative that there is need for community intervention to prevent drug abuse. In the war of drug abuse too, the old saying” prevention is better than cure” is substantially relevant. Immunity would mean its individual constituents like the home of the family, the neighborhood the school, and the college, the Peer groups, the social wing of political parties, if any, the municipal corporation, the NGO, a dedicated band of social workers.
A major portion of the drugs available in India in smuggled from Afghanistan and Pakistan. A small portion is indigenously produced. The Government of India has enforced stringent laws to curb the menace of drug trafficking.
The narcotics drugs and psychotropic substances act of 1985 has made drug offence non bailable. The narcotics control Bureau has on several occasions intercepted huges hauls of drugs. The government should Ban the cultivation of the entire drug yielding crops and provide the growers the alternate profession to sustain themselves. It should do away with the laboratories indulging in the production of addictive drugs. The law enforcement bodies should also be made more effective and accountable.60 centre of the Ministry of Health and around 3:50 run by the Ministry of welfare are helping in the de addiction of a large number of addicts.laws like the one practiced in some countries, where any person found in the possession of drugs is beheaded, india also put an immediate check or the menace.
Society on its part should also feel responsible towards the menace and help the government in eradicating it. The family being the basic unit of the society has a major role to play. Parents should make a concerted effort towards the development of their children. According to one estimate, children are prone to drugs during the onset of adolescence when they confront emotional and physical changes. During this., parents should be friend their children and guide them. They should also give them a Stern warning against drugs, followed by certain reasons for doing so. They should also help their children to build self confidence in them. The Non governmental organisations like the narcotics anonymous give counselling and statements to several drugs abuses and restore their shattered lives. The family, friend and relatives of the patient should effectively contribute towards the rehabilitation.


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