Educating the Girl child

In India at present the statics on female literacy rate are dismal. The overall literacy rate increased from 18.3% in 1951 to 65% in 2001. Where female literacy rate accounted for 55%. The percentage of girls in rolled at the primary level of education is slightly more than that of those enrolled at the upper primary level. Despite many efforts by the government in improving the standard of the girl child through literacy significant changes have been witnessed.
The prevalence of illiteracy has hampered the development of country in a big way. Efforts of the government to educate the masses have gone in vain. It has been witnessed that population Rose from 36.11 crores in 1951 to 128 crores in 2011. The BIMARU states, comprising of Bihar, madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh home to 48% of India’s Iliterate population, contribute 40% to the population. The national total fertility rate of 2.1 was achieved in the year 2006 while the BIMARU states would receive it between 2009 to 2011. Kerala is the only state which has achieved the female literacy rate 2 above 90% and an infant mortality rate of around 30 per 1000 live births. It has population growth Rate of 1.2% per year.

The Government of Kerala has been able to achieve its targets because it made efforts to educate the population than restricting itself to the schools and colleges. The menace of child labour significantly been out of practice because the masses became aware of their rights and privileges. The state of Tamil Nadu introduced several schemes for the unorganised labour, which lead to women empowerment. Apart from Healthcare, state of Andhra Pradesh promoted education, social welfare and rural development programmes leading to literacy and empowerment of women. The status accorded to the woman in the BIMARU states is that of beast burden. The literacy rate among the women is considerable very low. This has crippled the state machineries, as none of the development schemes are able to penetrate the lowest rates of society. Social evils like child marriages and child labour, and high population growth accompanied by high immortality rate in
 these states are the results of Illiteracy among women.
It has been rightly said” if you educate a man you educate a person, but if you educate a woman you educate the entire family”. It can be noticed that the states, where the female literacy is equally emphasized with the male literacy, have recorded low population growth and high standards of Living. In the other states the conditions of women are pathetic, illiteracy has forced them to be dependent upon their parents and later on to be controlled by their husbands. Marriage At a young age, followed by a number of children, leads to maternal motility and weak children. At a few places in such States, the females are aware of various types of the contraceptive methods available in the country. They are exploited when they work in the unorganised sectors and at home like maid servants, attendants etc. Being uneducated herself, the mother is unable to teach her children. Child labour among the illiterates class has resulted mainly because the mother is unable to get her children and protect them from the menace. There are some of the ill effects of the female illiteracy.

Went and non government organisation should work together to achieve total female literacy. This could be stepping stone towards the Rapid development of the country. In the rural sector apart from education, vocational training should be imparted to women folk. The trained women could later setup there on small scale industries on a Cooperative basis and earn a livelihood. Cooperative like Amul in Gujarat and lijjat are some of the success stories. Which have resulted because of women empowerment. Women working in such co-operatives help themselves and also contribute to the national economy. Other small scale industries like the ones manufacturing perfumes, papads, pickles, handicrafts and raising plants in the nurseries can help them raise their standard of living as well as that of the nation. Education leads to awareness which could lead to the decline in child marriage, child labour and other social evils. Social reforms can only be achieved if the girl child in every family is educated.

Parents should not create a gender bias between their children. Every child born into this world is the responsibility of the parents and hence it is prudent to limit the size of one’s family. More children could mean less attention to each child which could prove detrimental to the development of the family. Girls are found to be more determined and committed towards education and they outdo boys in various examinations. Girls are found to be deligent, coupled with having a responsible nature and higher maturity levels than boys. Educated girls are also known to support their parents in there old age when there brothers fail to do so. Dowry system can also be put to an end if educated women stand up against the system. thus education of the girl child would mean the emancipation of women and the social development of the nation.

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