India in International Arena – Asia-Africa Growth Corridor

India in International Arena
India in International Arena – Asia-Africa Growth Corridor
While China was commending the starting of its goal-oriented "One Belt, One Road(OBOR), as its banner ship task of this century, India unobtrusively made the pitch for building up an Asia-Africa Growth Corridor with the organization of Japan. As India,Japan additionally isn't humored by the forceful endeavors made by China to throne itself, as the incomparable power in Asia. On May 24, both the countries together displayed a "Dream Document" for the venture at Gandhinagar, capital of Gujarat. The task conceived to drive development and interest in Africa, by shortening the consistently expanding nearness of the Chinese on the African mainland. Facilitate improvement of this task will be chosen when our PM Modi and his Japanese partner Shinzo Abe meet in the not so distant future.

AAGC (Asia- Africa Growth Corridor) in a nut- shell

The AAGC is an endeavor to make a "free and open Indo-Pacific Region "by rediscovering antiquated ocean courses and making new ocean passages that will connect the African landmass with India and nations in South-Asia and South-East Asia. The task partners trust the ocean halls will be minimal effort and have "less carbon impression" when contrasted with a land passageway. For example , in the blue print of AAGC there is an arrangement to interface ports in Jamnagar (Gujarat) with Djibouti in the Gulf of Eden. Thus ports of Mombasa and Zanzibar will be associated with ports close Madurai, and Kolkata will be connected to Sittwe port in Myanmar. With this goal India will center to manufacture ports under the Sagarmala Program. Aside from building ports to create ocean passageways, the AAGC likewise proposes to develop hearty institutional , modern and transport framework in development shafts among nations in Asia and Africa. The entire accentuation will be to empower economies of these two mainlands to additionally incorporate and altogether develop as an internationally focused financial coalition. 
Japan's commitment to this driven venture is to give cutting edge innovation and its colossal capacity to assemble quality framework, while India will get its ability of working in Africa. Both national governments are required to welcome the private area organizations to assume enormous part by meeting up to frame joint – wanders, consortiums to take up framework, control age or Agribusiness extends in Africa.This proposition for AAGC, was first mooted in the joint presentation issued by both Prime Ministers in Nov 2016.

AAGC- Vision Document

A 30 Page booklet, AAGC vision report was disclosed by the Indian and Japanese governments at the African Developmental Bank (AfDB ) yearly broad gathering held at Gandhinagar. In the principal period of the undertaking the Corridor endeavors to interface Africa with India and nations in South-Asia including Bengladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos. 
Aside from India and Japan, South Africa, Mozambique, Indonesia, Singapore and Australia send their delegates for the meeting procedure. China should be welcome to join the undertaking since the Jakarta based ERIA ( Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia) Director General Anita Prakash expressed that all ASIAN ( including China) should be partners to AAGC.

OBOR versus AAGC

OBOR(One Belt,One Road) is working on the " government-subsidized model" while AAGC means to have an aggregate consortium of privately owned businesses. 
Not at all like OBOR which involves improvement of a land hallway, bringing about multi billion dollars speculation, AAGC is basically an ocean passageway acquiring moderate cost of development. AAGC is being introduced as a "particular activity" borne out of a procedure of shared meeting, which would be beneficial and bankable where as OBOR needs straightforwardness and aggregate choice making.AAGC, as the name suggests centers around the centrality and development of individuals of Africa as opposed to intemperate accentuation on exchange and financial relations alone.

Chinese presence in Africa

China is the significant shopper of African products, representing 27% of Africa's aggregate worldwide fares. China additionally is a pioneer in green-field interest in Africa. In 2015-16 China contributed an astounding USD 38.4 billion( 24% of green-field ventures) while India amid this period just contributed USD 2.2 Billion( just 1.3%).India and Japan hope to end up real players to support the African economy sooner rather than later and beat China by the definition of AAGC.

Future Aspirations of AAGC

AfDB President Akinwumi Adelina respected the activity taken by India and Japan to make this ocean passageway. More examinations will be attempted to list the present requests and difficulties of monetary, socio-social and political association relating to AAGC. It will draw out the current difficulties and obstructions to this extend and will make proposals to the administrations in Africa, South Asia, South East Asia, East Asia and Oceania.


Africa is an unexplored colossal potential market and AAGC if executed, can acquire comprehensive development both these awesome mainlands. At the point when our PM, Modi meets Japanese PM, Abe on the sidelines of G20 meet at Hamburg ( Germany) in July or when India has Japanese PM in September, greater lucidity will be given to the draft blue print of AAGC. Its pleasant to see that India is in the move along the way of development and advancement.

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