5 Days Procedure In SSB Interview

1-5 Days Procedure In SSB Interview:

5 Days Procedure In SSB Interview
5 Days Procedure In SSB Interview
Many of candidates are freshers in Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Indian Navy SSB interview, they are not aware of  5 day SSB procedure, this leads to problems during SSB  interview.
They never know the do and don’t of SSB interview process. Lets talk about SSB interview procedure and the various sources which will help you to be prepared before you go for your first attempt.


  1.  OIR (Officer Intelligence Rating test)
  2. PPDT (Picture Perception & Discription Test)

After the completion of PPDT, your screening results will be declared and selected candidates are allotted with new chest numbers. Rest of the candidates gets their Traveling Allowance and dropped backed to the railway station or bus stand.


 1. Psychological Test

  1. Thematic Apperception Test [TAT]
  2. Word Association Test [WAT]
  3. Situation Reaction Test [SRT]
  4. Self Description Test [ SD]

2. GTO

  1. Group Discussion
  2. Group Planning Exercise [GPE]
  3. Progressive Group Task [PGT]
  4. Group Obstacle Race [GOR] - Snake Race
  5. Half Group Task [HGT]
  6. Individual Obstacles - [IO]
  7. Lecturette
  8. Command Task [CT]
  9. Final Group Task [ FGT]  

 3. Personal Interview 

 4. Conference

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