Agenda's of a Government

Agenda's of a Government

The government has to focus on major issues like corruption, inflation, unemployment, relationship with neighbours and the big powers of the world. Let us now discuss these points in details:
Agenda's of a Government

1. Good governance

  • * a professional and Competent people at the top.
  • * generate discussion and take valuable inputs from framing any policy.
  • * e-governance at all levels.
  • * welfare of people to be priority as compared to policy of appeasement for a group or a community.
  • * better centre- state relations. States to be accommodated while framing laws.
  • * accountability to be fixed for any act of commission or omission.

2. Improve economy

  • * strict laws to check corruption
  • * improving public Distribution system to stop theft and losses in transit.
  • * making favourable conditions to attract MNCs.
  • * maintaining balance between environmental issues and economic growth.
  • * clearing projects within a time limit
  • * control inflation by improving supply.
  • * generating employment for the youth with dynamic policies.

3. Improving law and order situation

  • * integration of local residents welfare Association (RWA) for helping to maintain law and order.
  • * strict laws and guidelines to prevent sexual harassment at the place of work.
  • * remove political interference to maintain law and order.
  • * increase patrolling in the crime prone areas.
  • * record of all crimes to be kept in a database for proper reference.
  • * enforcing laws strictly to check crimes against women.

4. Improving relationship with neighbouring countries

  • * pakistan Kashmir problem to be discussed with all stakeholders including Pakistan. Terrorism, trade, Siachen and Sir Creek to be resolve with Pakistan.
  • * china- special emphasis on boundary dispute with China. Marking of boundary between India and China to be priority.
  • * sri Lanka- welfare and protection of fishermen, devolution of powers to Tamil in North East of Sri Lanka and abuse of human rights of the Tamils to be resolved.
  • * myanmar- demarcation of boundary.
  • * bangladesh- checking of infiltration by its nationals, exchange of enclaves agreement, Tiesta river agreement.
  • * Nepal- demarcation of boundary, protection of Indians and their interest in Nepal and good relationship with Nepali communists.
Government has to work hard to bring the name of India in top countries of the world. The economic needs a big boost to provide employment and control inflation. The bad image of India because of increase in crime against women has to be rewritten by providing a adequate security and protection to women. India has to show maturity with its neighbours to improve bilateral relationship.

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