How to perform in SSB Interview ?

SSb Interview - Introduction:

ssb interview
How to perform in SSb Interview ?
SSB interviews are conducted by various Services Selection Boards of Indian Army, Navy and by Air Force Selection Boards. SSB interview is a five days process with include two stage of testing. Only, when a candidate clears Stage I testing goes for Stage-II testing. The benchmarks on which the candidates are assessed include intelligence, personality, compatibility and potential. Hence, mental preparation holds prominence over physical preparation, although physical fitness will be an added advantage.

What is Interview ?

It is basically the formal interaction between interviewer and candidate which tells about the attributes ( + and - ) of candidate. It is a controlled interview where command is in the hands of interviewing officer.
What is SSb Interview ?
Their are two outcomes from the candidates:-
  • React (not required in SSB )
  • Respond ( highly required)
You have to convert this React to Response by proactive interaction, You have to listen to interviewer and understand it what he was trying to say, absorb it and then respond. To respond you need  1.) Fluency  2.) thoughts ( thoughts only comes in your mind only if you have experience it in your life, you have observed the thing and have knowledge).

What a good Response tells about you?

 It shows the following qualities of you :
  •  Level of Ideas
  •  Confident ( cool, calm , composed)
  •  Responsible
  •  Logical
  •  Focus
  •  Quality of talk
* Don't evade, hide, dishonest, manipulate in Interview.

A better way of expressing yourself by:

  • Interpersonal skills ( understand your self)
  • Communication skills
  • Attitudinal imperatives 

Consequential manifestation:-

  • Various kind of complexes
  • Nervous
  • Lack of self confidence
  • Fear of failure

How to enter in Interview Room?

  • Knock and ask for approval
  • Greeting do show your kind behaviour
  • shake hands - it should be firm & warm. (most probably you will not get the chance)
  • Soft eye contact is required. Do not break eye contact.
  • Handover your documents
  • Take your seat when told.
  • Be confident while conversation
  • Do not struck in rapid fire round for that do practice, if you do struck or forget something you can ask interviewing officer if you have missed something or not. 

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