Why Crime is increasing in our society?

Increasing Crime in our society:

Why Crime is increasing in our society?
The crime graph is constantly increasing year after year. Ideally crime should be prevented if it cannot be prevented then it should be at least be detected and the criminal should be punished. Tragic events in the recent past like the gang rape of a girl in Delhi Has Shaken National sensitivity and shocked the conscience. With law and order situation going haywire throughout the country, the crime rate has drastically increased. No doubt a number of factors such as increasing population, industrialisation, economic disparities, urbanisation, increasing vehicles, growth of slums, unemployment and migration of cities have pushed up the crime rate. India ranks among the top 10 corrupted countries of the world.

There are some factors why crime is increasing in our society:

* Ineffective police:

Police is a vibrant organisation wearing changes our hair routine affair. in this context professional policing is the need of the hour. Besides this constant efforts are made at the operational level and at the higher administrative level to improve the facilities provided by the police to the general public. Today main focus should be the security and safety of the senior citizens, women and children who are the most vulnerable sections of the society. The cops are under observation since the city police have taken wages to install closed circuit cameras in all local police stations. The number of which is around 126. The basic problem faced by the general public is that the police itself is hostile to them by being indifferent and rude. In case of any Poly on the part of the officer concerned, stringent action must be taken in this regard. According to 1 survey there is only 1 policemen for every 500 person in the City. Sometimes it becomes difficult to keep a watch on the happening around. Public assistance is a must for effective policing. Rewards and remuneration in the form of better pay, recognition and appreciation should be given to them in order to boost their moral. They should also be provided with modern technical aids, communication facilities and transport. For public convenience the police department has launched a facility where a person can lodge his FIR through email. A show me the two constable should be appointed for every locality. Proper duty charts should be made for night patrolling. The government has also taken steps where it has organised meditation camps for constable sand inspectors which are necessary for them to keep them stress free because of long working hours.

*Delayed justice:

It is well said that " justice delayed is justice denied". Law and order are meant to ease the grievance and problems of the people. The judicial system should be made more flexible efficient and less time consuming to enable it to administer justice quickly and rightly. A stipulated time. Should be fixed for each case and the judgement should be made full and final before or till the time allotted. Today people have become very conscious about their rights. Our lawyers magistrates and judges at all levels are jealous about safeguarding their rights. Laws are unbiased. No one is above law and everyone is accountable to it, weather high or low, politicians or the police. Even today centre is responsible in the ultimate analysis and decision. But it will not be possible for the central to administer law and order. Besides the police the district administration is also responsible for maintenance of law and order. There should be certain amendments of law especially those dealing with women because they are the most vulnerable. Decorum should be maintained specially when a rape case is dealt with. the national outrage over the recent gang rape in Delhi has hastend the process of changes in the justice delivery system. Such as reforms to address issues like judicial accountability, see in procedural laws special courts for  cases of crime against women. Government to push for passage of judicial accountability bill in budget session, proposed all India Judicial Service nearing finalization. Model courts to be set up across the country; centre to fund setting up of 5000 gram nyayalays.

* Political interference:

Crime and politics are the two sides of the same coin. today very few politicians are clean in the eyes of public. The growing Nexus between politician and the criminals is the main reason for corruption in our society at every level. politicians are the leaders of the country. The general public has high expectations from them, because we have a democratic government which is formed by the people, of the people and for the people. The extreme interference of politicians in the judicial procedure hampers the smooth functioning of the system. The police should be allowed to act within any interference political or otherwise. The main reasons for the steady growth of crime in our society is the advent of getting quick professional politician on the scene. They make hay while the sunshines as it also encourage among the officials to suit their own ends. The only remedy, therefore lies in separating the function of the politician and the officials. The work of the politicians should be confined to laying down policies not have anything to do with routine day to day administration except to see that the policies laid down are effective. it is also important that eminent men with a spirit of dedication should come forward to replace the professional politician so as to make for a cleaner administration.

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