Why do you want to join Defence forces?

Reasons to join Defence forces:

Whenever we go for an interview, then one of the obvious questions “Why you want to join the defence forces?” A candidate must have a good answer for this question so as to impress the IO. Some reasons are given below which can attract the youth to join the defence forces of India:

Why do you want to join Defence forces?

  •  Source of motivation
  •  Respect for merit  ( no caste system)
  • Challenge / Adventures aspects
  • High end technology
  • Quality of life  
  • Physically fit - Mentally tough
  • Job satisfaction
  • Glamour of Uniform
  • Service to the Nation

 *Don't say you want to join for Job security,you are going to join defence forces to serves the Nation, not to get the security.

Always remember:

  • The status, the respect an Armed Force Personnel gets cannot be purchased, it has to be earned. 
  • One is respected for the years to come after martyrdom.
  • The only organisation where you have continuous mental (higher education and various technical training) and physical growth (sports, team player & rigorous training) which brings the best man out of you.
  • This provides you with the opportunity of having a very adventurous life.
  • You can go for higher education in prestigious institution like IIM & IIT while being part of Indian armed forces.
  • Armed forces provides you with reasonably well pay & perks along with lifetime medical and post retirement benefits. Be that as it may, all these are too less contrasted with the life you will live , the way of life you will have. 
  • Defence force goes that additional mile in helping other under ordinary conditions and does wonder if there should arise an occurrence of cataclysmic event or outer dangers.

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  1. You are right sir...i have faced this job security thing


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