Final group task - FGT

What is Final group task (FGT) ?

This task is the last task of GTO series but as important as the first one.
Final group task - FGT
Once You complete all GTO task including progressive group task, half group task, individual obstacles or Snake race, command task; you all will be brought back once again in your original big group, 
finally to evaluate the differences which might come during separation of group.You will be given a task which consists of only one obstacle.

  • All the rules are applicable
  • The GTO will explain final group task to you and put you throw the task.
  • GTO will ask you about the Time you need to do the task given to you. You can say 10-15 mins as per your requirement.

Important aspects

  • The GTO will give one final look to the candidates he is going to pass.
  • Do not sure that you are tired.
  • Help others to carry helping material and give your workable ideas.
  • In this task normally after 5 minutes GTO will place all the candidates at the finish line.
  • He will one by one ask all the candidates for the ideas.
  • He will ask some selected candidates to come forward.
  • Candidates He called forward his the one who is likely to make the grade.
  • Moment the final group task gets over the GTO will place the candidates in one of three categories. That is- recommended, borderline, not recommended.
  • Next day the conference will take the final decision.
  • The candidates who are recommended are required to stay there for 4 to 5 days for medical.

For Air Force candidates the medical well done later (delhi or banglore).

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