Progressive Group Task (PGT)

What is Progressive Group Task (PGT) ?

PGT test of SSB interviews is the most importantly open air GTO test.PGT test is exceptionally useful for GTO officers to evaluate all possibility for different Officers Like Qualities, for example, cooperation, self-assurance and capacity of legitimate planning.Based on this appraisal, he will co-relate singular competitor's OLQs with different tests, for example, Group Planning Exercise, Individual obstacles test and furthermore to those of psychology tests, for example, TAT, WAT and PPDT. On the off chance that the officers of choice board feels that a candidate have some OLQs regularly in all examinations, at that point that competitor will be the most loved possibility to wind up an officer.therefore, PGT is critical trial of SSB.

Progressive Group Task (PGT)
These group exercises have been intended to test the candidate's capacity to work in a group and handle issues of a down to earth nature. These are leaderless group exercises which must be handled with the assistance of the group individuals and some helping material. The whole group is required to work with the soul of participation. In any case, the candidates must recall that these exercises have various arrangements and those having normal knowledge can deal with this progressive group task.
Progressive group task consists of a set of 4 obstacle which are progressive in nature. You have to complete these 4 obstacles one by one. The difficulty level of these obstacles are like very very simple.
  • In the absence of natural obstacles like rivers in SSB Centre they drove a start line and finish line of height painted bricks.
  • The area between the start line and finish line is placed out of ground for the candidate and the helping material. In This out of bound area some structures are placed.
  • In crossing the distance from start line to finish line some helping material in the form of blanks, rope and bally are provided.
  • To add to your difficulty a blank box called the load is also provided to you. This box might have some weight in it. 
  • Doing these obstacles you need to follow the rules carefully. The GTO will spell out these rules.

Progressive Group Task – Rules to be followed

The rules which you have to follow are as follows-

1. Group rule : 

All the candidates and the helping material with load must cross the first obstacle before you go to the second obstacle.

2. Distance rule: 

Any distance which is 4 feet or more, you cannot jump that distance. You have to use the helping material to reduce the gap and cover the distance. For this you must have the idea of 4 feet.

3. Infinity rule: 

Start line and finish line is marked by 12 to 14 feet only but assume that it extends to infinity on both sites.

4. Rule for helping material: 
  • two solid helping material cannot be tied together.
  • 1 solid helping material can be placed on other solid helping material.
  • rope can be tied to single solid helping material with any white structure placed in between the start line and finish line.
  • a solid helping material can be Placed or tied to any structure which is white in colour.
  • rope can be coiled into a bundle and placed on any structure which is white in colour.
  • if you have more than one rope and then you can tie them together.

5. Colour rules: 

There are basically phone colours and the SSB, these colours are-
  • White - This colour is totally inbound for candidate, the helping material and download. You can stand on it, place your plank on it and can tie rope.
  • Red - This colour is used to indicate the danger sign and hence it is totally out of bounds for candidate, helping material and the load. You cannot stand on it, neither can place your plank nor can tie with Rope.
  • Green/ yellow/ blue - You will find any of these three colours in your SSB. Rules for all these colours remain the same. This colour is inbound for the candidate only and out of bounds for the helping material and the load. You can stand on this colour and hold the helping material and the load in your hand, you cannot place them on these colours.
  • Black - This colour always be found at ground level. It has no significance of its own and it will assume the colour immediately above to it. Suppose black colour is below red colour then black colour is taken as Red colour and if it is below the white colour then black colour is taken as white colour.

6. Rules for load

The Load where ever provided will be treated like a delicate object that is TV, computer and like a small baby. You have to carry the load with you from start line to finish line. You cannot treat the Load a structure nor can you stand on it.

7. Rules for one time mobile drum: 

One time mobile Drum may or may not be given to you. It can be placed anywhere at the starting line, middle of finish line of any of these obstacles wherever it is placed. The GTO will clearly explain its location and uses to you.
You can pick and place the mobile drum only once. You cannot work in the out of bound area to pick it and place it.
Once you placed it when considered like a structure.
However to pick it up and place it you must use the above rules.

8. While working if you happen to break a rule, then you must come back to the point from where you started breaking the rule. 

Note:In some SSB centres you have to come back to the start line and start again. GTO will tell you this rule.

Progressive Group Task : Procedure

The GTO will show you all the obstacles.
  • He will explain each and every structure (obstacles) and also tell rules to you.
  • He will also check that you have understood the rules.
  • GTO will now place you at the finish line of obstacle number 4. He will then ask you that how much time do you need to do these obstacles. (You must stay quiet if he looks at you then you can say about " 30 mins sir").
  • GTO will then ask you to run to the start line of obstacle number 1 and pick up the helping material and start the task.
  • GTO will then quietly sit down on his bench and observe you doing the task. He will not speak Unless it is very important.
  • As far as possible you must come forward and give workable ideas.
  • Never fight or argue with others.
  • If the GTO will ask you to get down in the out of bound area and give your ideas wherever he says so you get down and tell your ideas not otherwise.

Note: Every obstacle will have three approaches left, centre and right. As far as possible you must attack along the centre approach. If you struck in the mid of a task then you can switch to the left or right approach.

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