What Is De Novo Selection System? 3-Days SSB Interview Procedure

De Novo SSB system - 3-Days SSB Interview

De Novo is a Latin word which means “ new”. De Novo SSB system has been designed by DRDO - Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR) over five years, will accomplish the SSB testing in three days. The new selection system, once approved, will be implemented from 2019. According to DRDO, testing trials in the first year will focus on the sub-systems while integration checks will be run in the second year.
What Is De Novo Selection System? 3-Days SSB Interview Procedure
The existing Services Selection Board (SSB),is following a five-day long process for officer selection which includes an interview, group testing and psychological testing of the aspirants since 1948.
The Service Selection Board has been changed for the first time after 1948, so it has become very important for you to know about it. You know very well about the Current Service Selection Board with is having 5 days long process including stage 1 (screening) and stage 2 (psychological, GTO,personal interview and conference).

Drawbacks of Current Service Selection Board

  • Time consuming, wastage of countries time and of candidates.
  • Shortage of officers (deficiency of 9000 officers) in the armed forces.
  • After considerable attempts some candidates are able to clear being fake.
  • Absence of modern technology.

Advantages of De Novo SSB system

  • It will reduce the time of Service Selection Board to select candidates.
  • More aspirants are likely to go for SSB.
  • Testing as per the current ideologies and technology.
  •  It will reduce the deficiency of officers in the armed forces.
  • It will still remain a personality based test rather than a skill based test.

De Novo SSB system Procedure

De Novo SSB system will accomplish the SSB testing in 03 days. New techniques of behavioral testing will be implemented in this new selection process. This will also make a fair and transparent system by minimizing human subjectivity and reduce long lead time and time taken for SSB and medicals. Also this will make the selection process convenient for the candidates. All the 3 testing techniques will be there with modifications.
3 days procedure will be like this:

1. Day 1

  • Stage 1 – Screening Test
  • Stage 2 - Running
  • Stage 3 - Psychological test
Note: detailed format will be updated soon.

2. Day 2 - GTO Tasks:

3. Day 3 – Personal Interview and Conference

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  1. Candidates may feel stress...I think ssb board want to see performance of candidates how they perform in stress


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