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How to impress Interviewing Officer (IO) ?

SSB is not just about your intellectual but more of a personality assessment test that does not expect you to give predetermined answers. Candidates wonder what things they must do before going and how to become perfect aspirant for this crucial interview. Apart from coaching classes, studying SSB books and gathering information from several resources, there are still many important aspects, you need to consider in this preparation phase. Actually, most of the candidates study psychological tests and which gives very common answer, which leads to their rejection.
In SSB Interview you need to avoid certain statements which are not the qualities of an Officer.
For example: "Sir I am a very short tempered person."
What is wrong here? - Candidates, you want to be an officer in the Armed Forces and you just told that you are a short tempered guy, well guess what? They don't need Officers who are short tempered. So speak truth when it's not doing any damage to the job profile you are applying for.

Your answers are required to be natural responses and not preconceived. In case you have tried to think and modify your natural responses you will run out of time and will not be able to respond effectively. Large gaps in your response will make it difficult for him to assess your Officer Like Qualities. Therefore, It's better to improve your personality and reach up to the standards of a Defense Officer.

Do you think you need any special preparation for Personal Interview ?

The answer is “Yes". you definitely need the preparation of how to represent your own thoughts in front of Interviewing officer in a simple, short and effective way. You must prepare your thoughts on what you have done till the date for better explanation.

How you can impress your Interviewing officer :

Preparation is must for every task you are going to perform. It brings you to a well planned and organised candidate. Lets discuss how can you do well just following simple tips to impress your Interviewing officer :
  1. Dress smartly :- Psychologist does not interact with you personally but your dressing during the stay describes your personality. So you need to be perfectly well dressed. The types of dresses you can wear will be on display board somewhere near to your mess or your rooms. If you look good, you feel good; and if you feel good, you’ll do well.
  2. Body Posture :- Stand up straight, do not move un-necessarily, avoid slouching, keep your hands out of pockets, and head held up high. Doing this you will definitely feel better. 
  3. Believe in yourself :- The interview revolved around you and your performance. Doesn't matter you haven't prepared well just keep telling yourself that you have ‘it’ in you and believe in it. Don’t be nervous he will only ask your past, what you have done till the date.
  4. Positive thinking :- Candidates with positive mindset are always get recommended. Your positive thinking helps in combating negative thoughts, it elevates one’s mood and it helps us to focus on the bright side of every situation in different situations. Being optimistic in the face of challenges is a positive trait that will help a candidate in the interview.
  5. Officer like Etiquettes :- Your good manners will help you to change the direction of the interview in your favour. Before entering the room, gently knock on the door (sometimes a person will take you to the room and you just have to enter, he will open the door for you,no need to knock that time). You can politely ask if you can come in- enter only when you are asked to. Wish him as per the time of the day. Wait till you are asked to sit and thank the IO after allowing you to sit. While answering questions, be respectful and say ‘sir’.

  6. Healthy Smile :- While entering the room, greeting the IO, thanking him or listening to him, keep your smile on. Smiling from time to time (wherever appropriate) makes you feel more relaxed and cheerful. Smiling indicates that you are cheerful and that helps you to connect with people easily.
  7. Your Emotions :- Your emotions will help the IO to have a better understanding of yourself. Describe your feelings only when it is appropriate. For that you must be aware of situations. Avoid extreme emotions such as anger, sentiments, etc. Tell yourself you’re happy or you’re excited. Eventually your brain will end up believing it. Avoid giving political opinions. Remember, armed forces are always apolitical and above board.
  8. Be truthful :- You must portray yourself as morally trustworthy since your reputation is at stake. You can't hide your own personality. Therefore it's good to be truthful. If you lie to him even if only once that will ruin your chance of success.
  9. Maintain soft eye contact :- Maintaining soft eye contact is good for the candidate as it shows that you are confident. A candidate who looks straight in the interviewer’s eye will be appraised as more confident than a candidate who looks at the floor or at the ceiling and avoids eye contact. If you can't do it then just look at his forehead.
  10. Officer like attitude :- You must know how to deal with stress without changing your behaviour. It’s not always possible to answer all questions in the correct manner. Don’t lose your patience and don’t be demoralised if the interview isn’t going the way you wanted it to. Just go with the flow and give it your best shot.

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