50 Important Questions asked by Interviewing Officer in SSB Interview

SSB Interview:

Personal Interview is a very important part of SSB and also a good chance for the candidates to make a decent impression. Furthermore, demonstrates the ability and dedication to join the Defence forces.. Interviewing Officer (IO) has different ways of testing whether the candidate is fit enough for being an officer or not.
Basically, personal interview in SSB is very simple and to the point about your personal life, for that you must know yourself better and also people around you.
Candidates must prepare for the Personal Interview questions before attending SSB Interview because you want your selection and you don’t want to show your negative points. For that, you are doing preparation to know the types of question generally asked by the IO.

So here are very important questions to be asked by Interviewing officer:

1. Which place do you belong to and tell me something about that place? 
2. Have you been earlier to SSB?
3. What was the result of previous SSB ?
4. Why didn't you get passed last time?
5. What is your name? What is the meaning of it?

6. Tell me about your journey to SSB centre?

7. Who accompanied you to SSB centre and why?

8. What dis you see in the waiting room, just before entering here?

9. Which places did you visit during your  stay ?

10. What are you doing currently ?

11. Why did you not get higher marks in graduation? 
12. What were the co-extra curricular facilities available in your school/college?
Which one did you participate in, what were your achievements? If not participated, then why?
13. What are your hobbies and interests? Give brief description.
14. How do you interact with people in your neighbourhood or society in which you are living & activities in which you get personally involved? 

15. How much packet money do you get or salary(if employed). How do you spend that money?
16. Give some good qualities of your father, mother and brother/sister?
17. What is your daily routine from morning to evening? How do you spend your weekends ?
18. What are your spare time activities like hobbies & TV - which programme do you watch. How much time do you spend surfing internet and which sites do yo surf?
19. If you don't get recommended, what would you do?
20. What do you think are your strength or weaknesses? 

21. If 5 wishes were granted to you, what would be those?
22. Explain most courageous event of your life?
23. Tell about your biggest regret? 
24. Tell me about your best achievement?
25. Which were your unforgettable/memorable event of life?

26. What is the most craziest thing you have ever done in your life?
27. Say something about your girlfriend?
28. Where do you see yourself in 5-7 years? If you couldn't be, what would you do?
29. What subjects did you like the most during school or in college? 
30. How would you rate yourself as a reader?

31. What are the merits and demerits of your personality? 
32. How much sensitive are you to criticism? 
33. What are you doing now to improve yourself?
34. How would you compare yourself with your father/brother/sister ? Who are doing better ?
35. In what ways you are similar and dissimilar  from your brother/sister?

36. What days of the week do you like the most?
37. Whom do you like more - your father or mother?
38. These days the defence forces are called out of the barracks often, to help the civil authorities. What are its pros & cons?
39. What can be done to improve the function of police forces?
40. The movies produced these days are full of sex and violence, supposing the inclusion of these elements, movies are banned. What elements should replace there elements so that the movies remain interesting?

41. Describe briefly the PM of India?
42. Why not proper efforts were given earlier?
43. What are the colors of our national flag and what does it signify?
44. To progress in life, what is more important - luck or hardwork?
45. What did your father expect you to become in life?

46. Why do you want to join defence forces? If not this (army/navy/airforce),then other options?
47. How did you come to the conclusion that you want to join the IAF/Navy/Army?
48. Where will you sent for officer training?
49. Did you try NDA, why not?
50. You can ask me a question or something about/ from me?

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