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What does Psychologist want from you ?

The psychologist does not interact with you nor does he know you by your physical appearance or attributes. He will assess your personality merely through the inputs which you have given him in the answer sheet. It is a test of your mind.
                            " Mental health is more than your Physical strength "
Psychologist wants a candidate to speak the truth. But also there's a catch here, but also never tell truths which will be harmful for the position you are applying. For eg: Sir I am a very short tempered person, what is wrong here?  Candidates, you want to be an officer in the Armed Forces and you just told that you are a short tempered guy, well guess what? They don't need Officers who are short tempered. So speak truth when it's not doing any damage to the job profile you are applying for.
Your answers are required to be natural responses and not preconceived. In case you have tried to think and modify your natural responses you will run out of time and will not be able to complete the tests. Large gaps in your response will make it difficult for him to assess you.

Do you think you need any special preparation for any of the Psychological Test? 
The answer is "NO". BUT you definitely need the preparation of how to represent your own thoughts on paper in a simple, short and effective way.

Important points you need to improve to impress Psychologist :

Perfect Response:
Write what is necessary, writing useless material does not help you in recommandation. In TAT, keep the story to the point rather than explaining each aspect. Make sure, your story shows work, not appreciations. Similarly, WAT is all about speed and a candidate must write a meaning full sentence. Here also, write what is in your mind and keep the point clear. SRT is the test where straightforwardness in required a lot.

Write what you have in your mind:
Psychologist accesses mind words and actions of a person. A perfect coordination of these is the base of the selection criteria. So your mentality must be on the pages of psychology tests.

Show your original ideas:

Officers sitting there have to access herd of candidates every day. It is very easy for them to segregate the genuine and the copied ideas. Be honest in framing the ideas. As told earlier, different ideas suit different personalities. So avoid copying others ideas. What all they want is your personal observation in day to day situation and your way of handling those situations.

Show your Positive quality:
Armed forces aspirants must clear one thing that these forces are made to avert the adverse condition. A soldier has to face various kinds of situation and most of them are tough, directionless and filled with problems. Being an officer is the task to lead the group in all those situations. And this can only be attained with a positive mentality. Everything that enters your mind should come out in a positive way. Entire SSB schedule needs this kind of thinking.

Combination of both risk and enjoyment:
An officer must not hesitate to show bravery and should be able to take and handle risks. Along with this, a happy, enjoying mood and liveliness is also required in an officer. Entirely enjoyment or entirely risk and action in TAT can take you down. So be proportional in happy and risky stories. Revamp your imagination if not as per this type by practicing and making a good and effective story.

Your Experiences describes you:
TAT and SRTs are framed to extract the day to day experience, observation ability and perfect use of resources at a given instant of time. TAT is a test that is based on the imagination, but not the irrelevant imagination of hypothetical ideas. The correct way to attempt it is to express your experience in a better and modified way. While attempting SRTs should be practical and response should be as per your personality and condition.


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