India's Aerial Shield : S-400 missile system deal with Russia

India - Russia deal of S-400 missile system :

  1. Defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman asserted that India will proceed with the Rs 39,000 crore obtaining of five propelled S-400 Triumf air defence missile systems from Russia in spite of pressure from the US.
  2. India has longstanding defense ties with Russia, and the S-400 buy is a response to practical concerns.
  3. India has now come to the "conclusive stage" in the obtainment of the S-400 missile systems in the wake of arranging the deal with Russia throughout the most recent couple of years, much under the watchful eye of the ongoing US law called CAATSA (Countering America's Adversaries through Sanctions Act) came into power to stop nations from purchasing Russian weapon systems.
    India's Aerial Shield : S-400 missile system deal with Russia

S-400 Missile characteristics:

  • It can destroy hostile aircraft,stealth fighters,missiles &drones at 400 km range.
  • Radars(primary acquisition one has 600 km range) can track hundreds of targets simultaneously.
  • 4 kinds of missiles to intercept targets at different ranges.
  • Can intercept even ballistic missiles with velocity of 4800 meters per second.
  • Russia boasts S-400 can even "Radar lock & shoot down" 5th generation stealth fighters like American F-35 jets.
    Source : TimesofIndia

US on India - Russia deal :

  1. US Congress is debating a bill to allow for sanctions against russian defence entities which could cover entities in recipient nations as well.
  2. US is trying to isolate Russia and expand ties with India, and the S-400 complicates things for Washington.
  3. The Trump administration has pitched for a waiver for countries such as India on the condition that it progressively reduce its military dependency on Russia.
  4. India has argued that its S-400 deal with Russia was in the works before the US started debating the sanctions.
  5. People close to the negotiations say it is unreasonable for US to expect India to decouple its ties with reliable partner Russia.

Why India needs S-400 Russian missile ?

It is the right decision made by Indian Government to go ahead with the decision to buy S400 from Russia. There are many reasons why this S-400 deal would be a game changer for India.
  1. It would give a upper hand for Indian defence forces on Pakistan Army . Defence forces will be able to track every bits and movement of Pakistan Army & Airfields. And S-400 will help to track and shoot the possible incoming air & infantry moments along the western Indian border.
  2. On the Eastern front it will be give India more strength to forces especially for Indian Airforce. As China PLA have ramped up the bases with new roads and Airbase. So they will be able to regroup and attack Indian post as they did in 1962. But with S-400 & Bramos Block 3 & Akask Systems. It will not be the same for Chinese forces to take on Indian forces. 
  3. Strategically, if S-400 placed in Andaman & Nicobar it will also scare the Chinese forces who are trying to dominate there way into Indian ocean. So this S400 systems in Andaman islands will be a gamechanger for Indian Navy for securing its interest and securing its sea lane.
  4. The decision to buy S-400 was the right and there by not scrapping it due to influence of Trump administration was indeed a statement made by the current government that Russia is a trusted ally & all time friend. Where as US can't be trusted.
  5. Developing such kind of system by our Defence labs will take at least 10 to 15 years to develop. At present we do have radar and air defence program but their are short coming with it . So that is why the Armed forces were looking for S400 to fill the vacuum to cover up and replace the old air defence system. And there by improving the existing Air defence programme.

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