Is it necessary to speak in English in SSB Interview ?

Is it necessary to speak in English in SSB Interview ?

There is no hard core rule, that you should speak in English only. Being logical and having knowledge and the confidence to deliver the lecture in English is more important then mere fluency.
You have to express your idea and thoughts so that others can understand. Doesn’t matter if expressive language is Hindi or English . If one expressed fake behaviour in profound English ,his efficiency is not going to work. So its important to be natural and communicate well.

Speaking in English is an attribute that an officer should have but that is only one quality. SSB is not about one quality, there are so many qualities that they will try to seek in you.

You should start preparing for better spoken English. It is a quality that you need to develop. Being an officer in armed forces, often you will get chance to interact with foreign nationals and you need to communicate well. Since you will be representing your country, you can’t afford to let your country down in any aspect, especially as pity as spoken English. Fluency in English is not a OLQ but Effective communication is.
Work on below 3 steps for 30 days. They will show outcome.
  1. Read English Newspapers,.Select a topic (for ex. a current affairs one ). Discuss it with your friends in English. Take feedback from your friends - they should understand what you’re trying to communicate.
  2. Try to converse in English at home/school/workplace. Tell listeners to point out mistakes in your speech if any.
  3. Listen to English news channels. Maintain a handy notebook to note down any word you hear/see which is new to you. Search its correct usage and use it in your day to day life.

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