Should we practice the psychological test for SSB interview?

Psychological test in SSB

Psychology tests are integral part of Service Selection Board. SSB is all about your psychology, verbal efficiency & actions (Manas, Vachan, Karma). It is prerequisite for a future officer to have a mentality and attitude suitable to be trained at different military academies. If the candidates don’t have that perfect mental strength to undergo rigorous training, they would give up soon before completion of training.
Only the Candidate whose psychology matches his words & actions is expected to get recommended by SSB. You can try building some habits that can make your psych close to what is required in armed force.

Should we practice the psychological test for SSB interview?

The answer is "NO".

The best strategy is NOT to have any strategy. They check you for your natural instincts, not for something you are masking yourself with.
It is a misconception that some specific strategy is required for psychology tests. BUT you definitely need the preparation of how to represent your own thought on paper in a simple, short and effective way.

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Seek all round development of your personality. That is what is important. If you are okay then you will be selected. Understanding the details about the selection system is neither warranted nor required.
If we talk about TAT and PPDT, do not memorize the picture. If you do, you just want to fit your story anyhow to the picture shown. You have to open your mind and come up with different ideas. I believe for TAT and PPDT you should pen down whatever first thought comes to your mind and also ensuring short term goal agenda. You can discuss theme of the story with other aspirants and then put your ideas in it, if you are short in ideas.

During WAT, If you shown a word and you come up with the same sentence as of other candidates. This is because you must have read it somewhere practice books. Assessors are trained and experienced enough to separate these memorized responses from your natural response. So be yourself, don’t copy other’s ideas. You can practice but here again just for ensuring you don’t fall behind the clock and not for cramming those good POSITIVE sentence .

For SRT just write your reaction and please don’t make it a habit of practicing SRT's in a group.


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