What are the common reasons of not getting recommended in SSB?

Common reasons of not getting recommended in SSB Interview

In SSB interview, it’s very difficult to make out the reason for candidates failure. Only a deep introspection can give you a slight hint of the reason. There is always the dilemma among the aspirants as to why they get rejected during SSB Interview. Candidates are saying that,
“I spoke in good English while others did not. I was rejected while others were selected.”
 “My conference went long and it took a lot of time for me to call before conference still I was rejected.”
You will hear candidates saying this, but trust me there’s nothing wrong in getting rejected. Let me tell you that Assessors are well qualified to select candidates with OLQ’s and they would not mistake.
The format of SSB’s are made to evaluate each and every part of your personality. The Officer like qualities(OLQ’s) like leadership, self confidence, Physical fitness, out of box thinking are expected from a candidate. Crying in front of the interviewer can reflect a negative aspect about your personality and it can be the reason for not getting recommended, but it cannot be the sole reason. If you are rejected during conference the following can one of the reasons.

10 common reasons of not getting recommended in SSB:

  • Misinterpretation of personality
everybody has their own personality. and you should have keep your own personality. but candidates while preparing for SSB, they try to copy others or copying from books.
this is because of misguidance, so you need to choose right teacher for your couching. so that the right personality of yours may have evolved.
  • Mismatch in GTO, PSYCHOLOGY and Interviewing Officer judgement.
what you do. how you do. and what you have done till now, these are checked by all three officers.
the assessors check that if you have done something useful in past. and what you are doing now. also what you would be in future.
There could be a mismatch in your thinking and activities. this will be a reason of your rejection.
  • Demoralised after getting few screened/conference out 
candidates get demoralized after getting few screened/conference out in SSB or just because you didn't performed well in your Group Discussion or your GTO task or any individual test. you need to calm down and always be at your high spirits.
  • Taking too serious the 5 days SSB testing and not enjoying it.
some candidates are too serious about their studies and so to their tests. in service selection board, your too much seriousness is not required. you need to be disciplined and focused. and also you have to be a happier person who took problems in a solving way.
  • Worrying about what is next test.
what will happen next?
what is next?
how it will be done?
is it nicely done or not?
these are few questions, which all candidate faces, but some took it easy while rest took it as a stress and their they start to fall down. they faces lack of confidence, feels incapable and fear of losing SSB. candidates should take it easy and perform their best in SSB.
  • Trying to show yourself as better than other candidates.
many candidates think that SSB is about competition with other candidates. but my friends, it is not so. SSB is about your team spirit. Assessors judge you if you are a team player or not. so always help your teammates.
  • Could not be able to reveal the required number of OLQ’s.
we cannot say how many officer like qualities you should have, those will appear to SSB officers. but it is sure that those qualities can be developed. you can forge them a part of your personality in a period of time.
  • Casual Attitude during SSB
since SSB is a test for defense services. it is highly recommended to be in discipline.
some candidates shows their irresponsible behavior and indiscipline during SSB. you will be noticed even when you are going to bathroom.
  • Over reacting /unnecessary temperament
their are some situations while performing group task. where you have to be a part of team and have to take some decisions collectively but sometimes you analyze that you should do it other way. in that situation if you over react or gets angry. thats where you get rejected. you could have make your teammates realize that you can do this task in your way in a soft way.
  • Poor Communication skill.
Communication skills is also a factor. whatever you do in service selection board, a good communication is required. in lecturette, group Discussion, group tasks and personal interview. if can do any task better but can't Express yourself then there's no use of your knowledge.
we have made a video on, if is it necessary to speak english during SSB? if you haven't watch this video, go and watch it. the link is in description.

Don’t feel rejected and loose hope of leaving your dream unturned. Everything can be achieved in life and nothing is impossible in this world. Dedicated efforts in right direction will definitely lead you to success. Share with us what you feel.


  1. Your suggestion is no different than other websites publishing same 'gyan' whole day,and the assessment system is entirely faulty in current scenario.Even the retired officers had admitted.Read carefully the blog of Mani Mohan Nehru

    1. some points can't be changed, neither you nor me.
      this selection process needs to be changed and yes it is changing now. You must heard of new selection process that is going to start from 2019. You will find privilege of new Selection process.
      read this post if you didn't yet >>

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