How to prepare for Psychology Test in SSB ?

Psychology Test in SSB Interview :

Psychology tests are integral part of Service Selection Board. SSB is all about your psychology, verbal efficiency & actions (Manas, Vachan, Karma). It is prerequisite for a future officer to have a mentality and attitude suitable to be trained at different military academies. If the candidates don’t have that perfect mental strength to undergo rigorous training, they would give up soon before completion of training. Only the Candidate whose psychology matches his words & actions is expected to get recommended by SSB.
How to prepare for Psychology Test in SSB ?
How to prepare for Psychology Test in SSB ?
It is a misconception that some specific strategy is required for psychology tests. They check you for your natural instincts, not for something you are masking yourself with. The best strategy is NOT to have any strategy. BUT you definitely need the preparation of how to represent your own thought on paper in a simple, short and effective way. Seek all round development of your personality. That is what is important. If you are okay then you will be selected. Understanding the details about the selection system is neither warranted nor required.
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Assessment of an individual is done based on the entire written tests & not piece meal, like separate assessment of WAT, TAT & SRT. Personality of an individual is one whole. The various inputs help to construct it.
Please do not waste time to practice all these tests repeatedly. It is sensible to practice a few times to ensure that the tests can be done in the required time. Going with coached responses will not help. Prepared responses are likely to be inconsistent with the complete battery of answers you have written. These will be found out & get ignored in overall assessment.

You can try building some habits that can make your psych close to what is required in armed force.

Following are the points that would help you in psychology tests -
  1. Read as much as you can. Be an avid reader. Reading will not only give you immense knowledge but it will also shape your thoughts. It will help you to make an opinion on the particular subject. Thus, it is necessarily required for a person to read to perform well in psych test.
  2. Practice writing . It could be anything like an article ,blog, short story, or just a diary on daily basis. When you write you pen down your thoughts on the paper. You can easily make out your psychology (its negative or positive) just by mere reading of what you have noted down. Try writing more positive stuff. This could be possible only if you are optimistic and truely passionate about armed forces.
  3. Go through all OLQ's and start to live them. To be an officer you must live like an officer. Just think yourself as an officer in the force. Would you still do things the same way as you are doing them now or the officer in you is asking you to change some habits. If the answer is latter, then better change those habits otherwise you would definitely showcase your non-officer like quality in one or the other psych test.
  4. Think Fast, write fast in legibly and correct sequence. It is not mandatory to complete everything but the candidates who can complete everything, definitely thinks faster and has better mental stamina than other candidates who does not.

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