How do I get Screened In from repeaters batch in SSB Interview ?

How should I prepare for repeaters batch screening in SSB Interview ?

Candidates with average OLQ's get easy selection in 1st phase of SSB Interview i.e Screening. But after many attempts repeater candidates have to face difficulty to get screened in. This question arises in everyone's mind how should i prepare for repeaters batch screening specially Group Discussion. Let's focus on some points so that you can understand some factors of selection in SSB Interview. There is A difference in the screening test of the fresher and that of a repeater . Though the difference is not much from the assessor’s end (they will be again assessing you on the same set of parameters) but from the fellow candidates end.
How do I get Screened In from repeaters batch in SSB Interview ?

Why SSB clearance becomes Difficult for Repeaters?

The serious issue is the normal worldview of most SSB repeaters. Notable highlights are given underneath :
  1. SSB repeaters give significant confidence to karma and endeavor to confront most extreme SSB's in the desire for clearing. 
  2. Repeaters just keep attending SSB for beating the system. They go from one SSB to another without any specific change in personality.
  3. SSB repeaters don't endeavor genuine endeavors to improve center parts of their personality, however attempt to rely on shallow improvement. 
  4. They get antagonistically affected by chosen friends and wrong guidance existing in nature in view of coaching academies.

Screening In involves 4 Aspects ;

  1. OIR test
  2. Writing PPDT story
  3. Narrating the PPDT story
  4. Group Discussion Stage in PPDT

What should you do ?

Well for a repeaters batch you need to focus on these points :

  • Since you are a repeater, this is expected from you to write a decent story on a picture, not a childish one. 
  • Keep your narration TOP NOTCH, No mistakes, no stammering just confidence flowing out of your mouth.
  • Don’t shout in PPDT! It is common practice for SSB repeaters to try and outshout each other in group discussion stage of PPDT. This is not a sensible practice. By doing so a candidate not only lowers his chances of success but that of others as well. In simple words it displays the Lack of self confidence, Sense of insecurity, Poor team spirit.

  • Some Tips for Repeater Candidates :

    1. Don't go with pre set mind, just be spontaneous with whatever comes, just be yourself
    2. Do not go for another SSB Interview in less than 3 months after rejection, unless your personality has been improved.
    3. Introspect after rejection (2-3 days are enough for this) and make sincere efforts for self improvement. Please do not waste excessive time in introspection, you better know what you need to improve in you.
    4. Elimination of poor impacts of coaching and peer learning itself may take about one month. Unlearning is a difficult thing- particularly when wrong ideas are deep rooted.
    5. Trust the authenticity of the selection system; take responsibility for self improvement and focus energies towards that.
    6. Do not write stories copied from sources. Mugging up is lying.
    7. Prepare your Answers ,frame them genuinely and figure out what is necessary to be told and what not. Giving vague and irrelevant answers is stupidity. 
    8. Do not lose hope. You will surely make it. Keep going and getting better by putting efforts.


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