Screening Test in SSB for AFCAT, CDS, SSC TECH and TGC

Screening Test in SSB for AFCAT, CDS, SSC TECH and TGC

Dear friends, understanding a test is a key to crack it easily. so in this video, we will know the screening process of the service selection board for different defense SSB.
so let's start

Purpose of Screening Test

1st we will know the purpose of screening test.
Screening test in SSB is conducted to check the basic intelligence of a candidate. The assessors will see whether the candidate deserves to stay in the selection center for 5 days or not. This test is just to get the idea about the potential of candidates so that the assessors get the good candidates to assess in the 5 day selection process which takes place after the completion of Screening test.

Screening test consists of following parts

1. O I R

The Screening test consists of OIR (Officer intelligence rating) test, which has 50 questions to complete in 15 minutes. this test includes Some basic aptitude, English and Verbal- Non verbal reasoning questions. The questions will be of average level.

2. PP& DT

Picture Perception & Description Test is conducted in three steps.
1st. story writing.
2nd. narration.
3rd. group discussion.

1. story writing

let's start what is story writing.
in Picture Perception & Description Test, a common picture will be shown to all the candidates on a projector screen for 30 seconds after which the projector will be off. The candidates need to write a story based on their individual perception. The story should be able to involve the characters shown in the picture. Everyone will be given 4 minutes to write down the story on a A4 sheet. After the completion of 4 minutes the sheets will be collected.

2. Narration

After story writing, the entire batch of candidates will be divided in small groups of 12–15 candidates each. Then each group will be called for a discussion. Initially 1 minute will be given to each candidate to narrate his story. in this, you will get the chance to complete your story, if you were not able to complete it during story writing.

3. Group Discussion

once everyone has finished narrating their individual stories group discussion will initiate. The topic of discussion will be the story written by your group members and objective of discussion will be to come out with a common group story on which all the group members agree.

Screening results

After this, based on your performances in OIR and PPDT results will be announced. The candidates who will clear the Screening test will be alloted new chest numbers which will be representing them for the next 5 days of their stay in the selection center.

The candidates who were not able to clear the screening round will be escorted by the Selection center buses to the nearest railway station.

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