Why cracking SSB becomes Difficult for Repeaters?

Why cracking SSB becomes Difficult for Repeaters?

Dear candidates,

in this article, i will tell you why cracking SSB becomes more difficult for repeater candidates. so let's start.

There are lot of myths in this regard and repeater candidates keep asking this question. but let me make you clear in the very beginning that the assessors don’t discriminate in the repeaters and fresher’s.

then, why cracking SSB becomes difficult for repeaters? let's find out.
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Why cracking SSB becomes Difficult for Repeaters?

their are some Notable highlights for repeater candidates. let's discuss them.

1. Try to follow others

They get antagonistically affected by selected candidates and wrong guidance existing in nature in view of coaching academies.

2. Copying last SSB experience

many candidates do this mistake, they copy stories from previous SSB in Story writing. since you are experienced candidate, improvement is judged every time. also the GTO tasks are changed every time constantly.

3. Attending SSB without improving personality

SSB repeaters do not make serious efforts to improve core aspects of personality, but try to depend upon superficial improvement.

4. in hurry to attend next SSB

Repeaters just keep attending SSB for beating the system. They go from one SSB to another without any specific change.

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