OIR test in SSB Interview || Syllabus of OIR test for AFCAT, CDS, SSC TECH, TGC

OIR Test in SSB Interview :

Dear friends,
many of you have dream to join the defense force as an officer and lead your team into the battlefield.
Aspirants, who have cleared their written exams or going to attend direct SSB, have to face the screening test on the 1st day. in which two tests are conducted – first OIR and 2nd is PPDT.

In this article, i will tell you what is OIR test ,how is it conducted, importance of OIR test and syllabus

for OIR test. so let's start.

At first you must know that nearly 70% of candidates are unable to clear the screen test of the SSB. 

so prepare well for screening test.

now first start with

What is OIR test ?

officer intelligence rating test consists of multiple choice questions with no negative marking. so, you 

can attempt all questions.

this test involves simple reasoning questions of easy and moderate level. if you are attending SSB 

after written exams like AFCAT, CDS etc then this test is easy for you. and for candidates who are 

attending direct SSB needs to prepare this test.

Process of OIR

a question paper and separate answer sheet will be given to all candidates.

this OIR test will have 2 set.

set A and set B

each consists 50 questions which you have to solve in 15 to 17 minutes.

once time is over, you will asked to switch your question paper with other candidate sitting beside 

you. this is how you will get questions paper of set B. again same time will be given to you.

candidates are strictly advised not to mark anything on question paper. just mark your response on 

answer sheet. and try to solve all questions fast.


OIR importance for your selection ?

being simple and easy test, most of candidates don't prepare well for this test. their focus remains 

on PPDT and group discussion part. let me tell you, your selection is not on the basis of any single 

part of Screening test. you have to focus on each test. OIR test results also considered along with 

PPDT.  depending upon your marks, candidates are then rated from 1 to 5 which shows your 


Syllabus for OIR test

let's note down the syllabus for O I R test.

this test consists of both verbal and non verbal reasoning. you can cover these topics from any 

reasoning book which is suitable for competition exams.


Sentence Completion
World Groups
Critical Reasoning
Verbal Deductions
Number Quiz
Blood Relation Test
Letter Series
Problems on Ranks
coding Decoding
Direction Sense Test


Figure Analogies
Choosing the Odd Figure
Choosing Similar Figures
Grouping of Identical Figures
Figure Matrix
Paper Cutting and Folding
Spotting the embedded Figure
Problems on Cubes
Visualizing Pattern
Spatial Ability
Problems on Dice

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