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What is Officer Intelligence Rating Test:-

Aspirants who have cleared their written exams are then called for service selection board ( SSB ) interview.On 1st day of SSB interview candidates have to face the screening test, in which two rounds are conducted – first OIR test and 2nd is PPDT (picture perception and description test).
There is no negative marking in this test,so try to attempt all of questions.

No. of Questions in each Booklet   40-50 Questions

Time for each Booklet –     15-17 Minutes

Note: it is not fixed,so practice more and more. also you are not permited to carry watch with you.

Officer Intelligence Rating Test Syllabus:-

  1. Cube questions
  2. Dice questions
  3. Missing Number
  4. Find the word
  5. Aptitude
  6. Series completion
  7. Like Cubes
  8. Jumbled Words
  9. Last Dictionary word
  10. Idioms and more.
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