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What is PPDT ? How to perform in PPDT? How to write PPDT Stories?

What is PPDT ?

Picture Perception & Discussion (PP&DT) Test
Aspirants who have cleared their written exams are then called for service selection board ( SSB ) interview.On 1st day of SSB interview candidates have to face the screening test, in which two rounds are conducted – first OIR (Officer Intelligence Rating)test and 2nd is PPDT (picture perception and description test). OIR test is simple and doesn't have such importance though it is a part of SSB selection process you need to work on it, also PPDT plays an important role in screening.

In PPDT you need to write a story on the picture shown, narrate it and then discuss among group members to conclude a common story.

How to perform in PPDT?

  1. You are given 30 seconds to view picture.
  2. In next one minute, you have to fill a rectangular box and action of the story.
  3. Inside rectangular box, you need to fill age, sex and mood of the characters you see in the picture.
  4. In ACTION heading, you are supposed to write “ what is happening in story with in one line”.
  5. Next 4 minutes are given to write the story.
IMPORTANTthe quality of the picture shown is very poor and hazy, you won't be able to identify minor objects.

How to write PPDT Stories?

PPDT story writing tips:
  1. Make a positive story with a leading character.
  2. Bring a problem in story.
  3. Include innovative ideas to solve that problem.
  4. If you are female, then make a female lead character in the picture (If you find a female  in picture in a leading role)
  5. Also remember that story must represent you, how do you think, how do you react in that situations, So it is better to include these things in your story. You may also add your emotions and feelings in story.
  6. End the story properly.
NOTE : This is psychological test, We do not know what actually they look for and how they read stories, but according to my knowledge and belief, remain original version of you there, don’t try to pretend.

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